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About us


Who are we? Webplication is a company that started in 2010. It's seated in The Netherlands. Meanwhile we realised a lot of projects and we are improving the web bit by bit. Webplication stands for: Quality, user friendly and perfection.

What are we doing?

We build complete applications for as well existing websites as for brand new websites. The possibilities are unlimited. Beforehand we discuss what the client really needs for his site and what the maingoal is. Some sites want to sell their stuff, other will only use it for informing people. After this phase we are going to implement the discussed items and upload it for you so it's ready to use!

Search Engine Optimalisation

Is your website almost invisible on Google and other search engines? We can make it visible! How? By restructure your website and put the most important keywords in the site. We first discuss on which words you want to be found on and after that we are going to realise it on the specific website.


We use a lot of AJAX and jQuery to improve the usability. In the future we want to release a webshop where we want to sell some scripts. Ofcourse, all this scripts will be very user friendly and easy to implement. Visit our page regurlarly to stay up-to-date!